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We Are National Cannabis United

National Cannabis United is on a mission to help create and maintain an industry standard that honors cannabis culture. We strongly believe legalization efforts on the state and federal level must be designed to meet the unique needs of the legacy market providers and customers who created America's cannabis industry to begin with. We see cannabis work as revolutionary economic engine that can drive innovation and entrepreneurship while serving as a foundation which workers can use to build middle-class careers.

Through our Individual Management Planning And Career Training (IMPACT) program, we offer a wide range of services –– from training, certification, and continuing education for cannabis workers, to pre-and-post-legalization business formation, development, and outreach for existing and emerging cannabis brands. We also help facilitate access to legal services for record sealing/expungement, voter registration, and ballot access. At NCU, we're getting ready for a future where buying, selling, and consuming cannabis is completely normalized. 


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